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We at Sallie’s Wholesale pride ourselves by offering the following service advantages to our customers.

Sallie’s Wholesale has over two decades of excellence as a national wholesaler of commercial/industrial products and services. We provide an array of products to a diverse industry, as well as local, state, and federal governments.

  • Provide quick & prompt service to our customers
  • Ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with products delivered promptly
  • Replying to customers inquiries in a accurate and timely manner
  • Generating new business opportunities through virtual, face to face networking, and over the phone
  • Offer Net 30 Payment Terms


  • Value-Added:
    • One company offering a wide range of products eliminates the need to juggle multiple suppliers
  • Consolidated Invoicing:
    • Less invoicing processing time and paper consumption
  • Logistics Support:
    • We can warehouse product and deliver to the job site when you need it
  • Location:
    • Geographically located to support projected construction development projects to provide prompt delivery