ROYAL 186 RW SFSM Royal® Exposed Sensor Specialty Urinal Reclaimed Water Flushometer


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  • Includes the required wall plate and a purple wall flange to let users know reclaimed water is in use.
  • All organic rubber has been replaced with synthetic compounds.
  • Interior components are purple to let maintenance personnel know the flushometer is designed for reclaimed water.
  • Critical components, including cover, valve body, control stop and sweat solder kit, are made of semi-red brass.
  • Optional purple handle provides additional indication of reclaimed water use.
  • PERMEX synthetic rubber diaphragm with Dual Filtered Fixed Bypass
  • Valve body, Cover, Tailpiece and Control Stop shall be in compliance with ASTM Alloy Classification for Semi-Red Brass
  • Valve shall be in compliance to the applicable sections of ASSE 1037.

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